This project is a CLI that I led development on while working as the Director of Product Engineering at Trim Agency. This was the first serious CLI that I built and provided a lot of insight into the power and simplicity of Ruby as a general scripting language. The project was written using the Thor CLI framework and will create a Rails or Angular app with a lot of sensible defaults that were implemented while I was at Trim Agency. One of the standout features of this CLI is that the apps are generated entirely inside a Docker container, eliminating the need for Mac users to install anything but this tool.

The idea was to give users a Twitter-like feed to check on what the community was doing in their investment time. I soon thought of my team and wanted to add a way to track teams and to update the status of the task or project. I have tried to be careful in not creating a replacement for typical project management tools. I don't want to replace GitHub or Trello. So instead think of as a standup for your investment time and a way to share that among teams and the broader community. The project is build in Ruby on Rails with a bit of React, I wrote an article about it here.